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Club Fittings

Club Fitting Appointments with Trackman 


Virtually, every club purchase these days represents a significant purchase.  With so many equipment Trackmanofferings provided through so many manufacturers, how do you know which is best for you and your game?  Many players are reluctant to ask and often times make a purchase based on a friend, advertisement or their favorite tour player on TV.  Whether you’re in the market for a single club or a whole set, we all should make educated purchases with confidence – and that’s where a professional fitting comes in.  

With the assistance of TRACKMAN launch monitoring equipment, we’ll measure you for the best club head, shaft, flex, grip, length, loft and lie that maximizes your game priorities.  Not only will we provide these professional services, but we’ll also share, explain, educate and validate all the information about your fitting so you can make a confident equipment purchase that maximizes your game.  The following are just some of the many important readings we receive and review from TRACKMAN that allow us to recommend equipment based on:
  • Ball Speed

  • Clubhead Speed 

  • Ball Spin Rate

  • Launch Angle

  • Dynamic Loft Angle

  • Spin Loft

  • Landing Angle

  • Smash Factor

  • Carry Distance 

  • Total Distance and Gapping

  • Dispersion 

In more than 93% of all cases, a professional fitter will discover more yardage and tighter dispersions for every player he/she fits.  A poorly fit set of clubs will cost players more than 5 strokes (on average!) to their score in a single round of golf.  A poorly fit driver will cost players nearly 18 yards (on average!) off the tee!  If you’re going to invest in equipment, why wouldn’t you get fit with the professional talents and technologies that make the most of your investment?


Gain more distance, be more accurate, lower your scores and simply have more fun playing golf!

Club Fitting Session Menu
*Purchase your equipment at Three Crowns Golf Club and your fitting session will be FREE

Driver:  $50
This will be a 45-minute session testing multiple shaft and clubhead combinations to find the best driver.

Driver and Fairway Woods:  $75
60-minute session finding the best driver and fairway woods to maximize distance and gapping.

Iron Fitting:  $100
90-minute session focusing on launch, spin and lie angle this will also include wedges and hybrids.

Wedge Fitting:  $40
30-minute session focusing on the correct gapping (loft of the wedges), bounce angle and lie.

Full Bag Fitting:  $150
2-hour session including all the above.

Putter Fitting:  $40
30-minute session on getting the correct length, lie and type of putter that will match your stroke.


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