2019 Men’s Thursday Three Crown League

2019 Three Crowns Men’s Golf League

Men’s League is now One League Playing Thursdays (and a few Tuesdays) starting May 30th.

Leave Staging area at 5:10 pm – Play Begins (Ball in the Air) at 5:15 pm



Teams: Form your own 4-player teams.

Team Subs: Substitutes may be used at any time.

Sign-ups:  Teams may sign-up at any time through the golf Pro Shop. Teams are accepted and guaranteed only when all 4 primary players are listed with complete team payment   ($400.00).

Format: Individual 9-Hole Match Play (net). Maximum 9-hole handicap is 12.

Considering a full field of 14 teams in the league there will be 13 weeks of regular team play so that every team will play every team.

Team players will be ranked 1 thru 4 (lowest handicap to highest handicap) and player #1 from each team will play player #1 on the opposing team. The same will be true for player #2, #3 and #4. Handicap strokes will be allocated on appropriate holes based on the difference between match opponents. Example: Player #1 on Team A is a 5 handicap and Player #1 on Team B is a 8 handicap. Player #1 on Team B will have 3 handicap strokes allocated on the three highest ranked handicap holes of the match while Player #1 on Team A will receive no handicap strokes during the match.

Scoring: There will be 10 points available in each individual match. Each hole played will be worth 1 point. The player winning the hole will receive 1 point, the player losing the hole will receive 0 points. If the hole is tied, each player receives ½ point. The player with the most total points in the 9-hole match will receive 1 additional point for winning the match.

Max Number of Teams: 14 Teams

Schedule for Play:  Opening Night:  Thursday, May 30th

Complimentary Team Scramble for all Registered and PAID Teams.

(3) CTP’S & (2) Long Drive Prizes

1st Match:             Thursday, June 6th

2nd Match:            Thursday, June 13th

3rd Match:             Thursday, June 20th

4th Match:             Thursday, June 27th

5th Match:             Tuesday, July 2nd

6th Match:             Tuesday, July 9th

7th Match:             Thursday, July 11th

8th Match:             Thursday, July 18th

9th Match:             Thursday, July 25th

10th Match:          Tuesday, July 30th

11th Match:          Thursday, August 1st

12th Match:          Thursday, August 8th

13th Match:          Tuesday, August 13th

Make Up:              Thursday, August 15th

Playoffs:                Tuesday, August 20th

Playoffs:                Thursday, August 22nd

FINALS:                   Thursday, August 29th


TEES: GOLD Tees will be the primary tee for play. However, players may elect to play from the WHITE tees if their GHIN handicap score postings reflect at least 60% of their scores posted reflect the WHITE tees. Ladies will play the forward most tees (RED). Electing to play from a tee different from the GOLD tees is a season long commitment.

HDCPS:  All players shall possess a current USGA Handicap. Players may initiate or reactivate their there GHIN handicap through the golf pro shop. Players without a current USGA Handicap will be assigned a handicap of zero.

FEES:  Players without an applicable Three Crowns Season Pass will be charged $30 for each league play day.

ABSCENT PLAYERS: In the event, a player does not show for a hole or a match, the opponent will play his own handicap against the golf course. Points will be awarded on the following basis. Net Par will win the hole (1-point), Net Bogey will earn a tie (½-point), and a NET Double Bogey will lose the hole (0-points).

EXTRA GAMES: An optional Deuce Pot will be available for all players to participate in each week. Any 2 recorded during play will win the pot. If there is more than one 2 recorded, the pot will be split accordingly. If there are no 2’s during play the pot will carry over to the next week. A player may not win a carryover pot without paying in for all weeks of the carryover. Deuce pot is an optional cash in and cash out game. An optional Hole-in-One pot will also be offered with details to follow.

PAYOUTS:  There will be both Weekly and End of Season Team Payouts.

All Payouts will be based on TEAM performance.

100% of Team Entry Fees will be paid out.

Approximately 50% of the total Pot will be divided and paid out weekly.

Approximately 50% of the total Pot will be reserved for End of Season Payout.

All Team Payouts will be provided as Shop Credit.

POST PLAY FUNCTIONS: Following each league play event, all league players will be provided a complimentary draft beer. In addition, happy hour pricing for food and beverage will be provided during and after league play.


Click here to download the entry form