2018 Night Match Play League


Night Match Play League

Three Crowns Golf Club is looking forward to the 2018 golf season and we are very excited about Night Match Play Leagues.  The matches will be on Monday and Thursday Nights starting at 5:00 pm. League begins in mid May and runs through early August.

Format: 9-Hole Match Play

Form your own four man team with handicaps. The golfer with the lowest handicap on your team will compete against the lowest handicap player on the opposing team. The golfer with the highest handicap will be competing against the player with the highest handicap on the opposing team, and so on. A maximum O/24 strokes (12 per side) will be granted per player, regardless of handicap. Two players from each team will be used to create the foursome. The number of strokes a player receives is based upon the low handicap between competitors, half strokes are rounded up. Each golfer has the opportunity to win 10 points for their team during a match. One point for every hole won and one point for winning the match. Half points are awarded when a hole or match is tied. Points will be accumulated each week throughout the year to determine the season’s winners. Matches will be played in accordance to USGA rules.

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